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Posted by Jerome Konen on 27/03/06, updated on 23/04/06 Photo  Homepage
Slide Show: BAIKAL (Oberkorn)
Photo by Jerome Konen
Flyer - Slide Show BAIKAL
Jerome Konen presents you his latest slide show about the magical beauty of Lake Baikal, the Pearl of Siberia.

Part one: Experiencing the elemental beauty and the magical power of Lake Baikal, the deepest and most pristine lake in the world. Visual and cultural highlights of a breathtaking dive expedition.

Part two: Crossing of the whole frozen Lake Baikal on mountain bike during the siberian winter. Dramatic moments on ice in a world far from your imagination.

Duration: 2 x 60 min.
Beginning: 20:00h

Location: Centre Marcel Noppeney, Oberkorn (Differdange), Luxembourg
PDFFlyer - Slide Show BAIKAL (326 KB)

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