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Posted by Jerome Konen on 23/05/06, updated on 20/08/06 Photo  Homepage
01/07/06 - 19/08/06EXPEDITION
Magical Iceland Tour
Map of IcelandA photography and dive expedition along Iceland's magical coastline and over some of the most harshest highland tracks on earth, following fertile grounds and mystic fairytales.
Photo by Jerome Konen
Skógafoss waterfall in South Iceland.
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After our acclaimed expedition to Iceland in 2003, we will return back this summer for capturing and framing more of Iceland's magical moments and stories, tracing historical events in a land where still elemental forces preside over the environment above and below the surface.

Some Icelandic waters are providing an unforgettable and truly unique diving experience. Considering that Iceland has one of the world's best scenic dives - all about water, space and geology.

On top of that is the overwhelming landscape, defined by geysers, hot springs, active volcanoes, snow capped mountains, vast lava deserts, ice-berg filled lagoons, and valleys stretching to the sea.

Map of IcelandLocated just below the Arctic Circle, it is the world's largest volcanic island. It sits right on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where the American and Eurasian continental plates are drifting apart. Along the country's southern coast, clusters of islands and clumps of rock were created by submarine volcanoes, result of Iceland's unique location for this intense volcanic activity.

So, Iceland makes it possible not only to dream about exploring new grounds and embarking on an adventure, but also makes it actually alive.

Use this link to contact the Magical Iceland Tour members during the expedition time period.

Location: Coastline and Highlands, Iceland
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