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13/05/05 - 16/05/05EXPEDITION
Last Secrets of the Jura Wreck
Diving the most famous freshwater wreck in Europe, the Jura, is still a demanding and unforgetable experience.
06/02/05 - 09/03/05EXPEDITION
Antarctica - Breaking The Last Frontier
A diving expedition to the eternal ice of Antarctica - a world made of extremes: The coldest, windiest, sunniest, driest and highest continent on earth.  Logbook
15/01/05 - 23/01/05EVENT
boot 2005
36th International Boat Show Düsseldorf.
Slide Show - The Great White Shark
at the Cercle Münster, Grund.
12/11/04 - 14/11/04EXPEDITION
The Deep Secrets of the Jura Wreck
The wreck of the Jura in the Lake Constance is a rare example of an intact wooden shipwreck of appreciable age. Although well know among the local divers, the Jura still is a true treasure.  Logbook

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